Canva Like a Pro

Learn to use Canva like a Pro and Up your Design Skills, wow your audience and save lots of money and time

Course Summary

 Who says designing on Canva is rocket science?

It isn't. I consider it a miracle and have used it consistently, nearly everyday for over 6 years.

In this course, I show you how to use all the awesome features in Canva, create your brand kits, social media and blog images and videos, magazines, ebooks, newsletters and all manner of design work without spending a penny on premium membership. You will be amazed at what you can come up with once we are through!

✅ BONUS! You will have access to all changes and updates as we make them.
✅  Course discussion area to have your questions answered!
✅  25% discount off my Canva template design service

Just a few of my designs done on Canva

In this course, I will teach you how to be this awesome, think outside the box and finally love Canva

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What's included in the course?

10 detailed lessons and videos on everything you need to know about Canva! Absolutely zero fluff. 

✅ Getting started with Canva
✅ Creating a Brand Kit
✅ Choosing, Using & Creating Templates
✅ Creating Videos and Animations
✅ Designing on Mobile & Tablets - Pros & Cons
✅ Other use cases like Magazines, Ebooks, Letterhead etc. 

Meet your Tutor

Professor Ike

Hello. I'm Ike. First a Safety Practitioner but an extremely tech-savvy one who has used technology to stand out and have an edge in a saturated sector. I'm a a tech and digital transformation consultant for the safety and education industry. I teach people especially safety professionals to go digital, be tech-savvy and use technology to improve their work, business and life. I also coach aspiring business owners to brand right and use awesome designs and websites to stand out. 

Mercy Masego

SHE Consultant

Highly Recommended Course. easy to understand, informative, very well organized. The Course is full of practical and valuable content for anyone who wants to enhance or learn design skills. Really enjoyed it and so happy I am now able to create designs when I need to without having to wait days or weeks on a graphic designer. Thank you!!

  • One-Time Payment
  • £49

    get £10 off until 31st Dec using code XMAS10

    Buy Now