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The Digital Skills for Professionals Mastermind

Paid community for those who want to go digital, stay relevant and make impact in all areas of life - work, life, business and education.

About the Mastermind

Welcome to this awesome space for Professionals, Safety Practitioners, Business owners & Entrepreneurs or just anyone interest in gaining top notch digital skills,. 

Here, we learn to use simple, complex and new tools and platforms to do great work as safety professionals. No matter your tech level, there is something for everyone!

The Digital Skills for Professionals Mastermind/Club is for those who want to get get hands-on help & support from someone who has been there, done it and still doing it. Me. Professor Ike.

Ike offers direct support through group coaching, content and support, where you'll get the chance to ask directly anything tech-related that you need support with.

You will get quality support and response to your needs and questions.

You will also learn how to use tech tools to stand out as a safety professional and do great and outstanding work. You will:

✅ Understand the place and power of everyday tech tools. My favourite is the Google family of Apps.
✅ Explore various tech tools and learn to use them to digitise your life, work, and safety department, become more productive and collaborate with clients and your team. I have an army of them.
✅ Learn to train, deliver site inductions and toolbox talks using digital learning platforms. I have an army of them. You will learn to use at least 3 of them and even use the skill to start making money.
✅ Get answers and support to your many tech challenges, and so much.


As a member, you will also get:

✅ Free access to some of my premium courses (Going Digital Course Edition masterclass bonus has now expired!)
✅ Group coaching and Accountability session (once a month) to ensure you can attend no matter your timezone. These sessions are perfect for trouble shooting and getting unstuck! A chance for all to get involved and get support from fellow members and Ike
✅ A quarterly online intensive mastermind day, which will be focused on what the most pressing needs of the group are.

In addition, you will get:

⚡ Tech and Safety + Tech Trainings😎
⚡ Live Hot seats 😨
⚡ Live Q & A😎
⚡ Guest Trainings 💁
⚡ Bite-size and full blown trainings👌
⚡ Community to network and get support from members and Ike ❤️
⚡ Accountability just so your time here is worthwhile ☺️
 and lots more

We start 2nd January, 2021. Are you in?


  You now have 2 rates to choose from!  

Get the Club Only package and get all the above for £35 a month OR

✅ Get Club+ and get live 45 minutes 1-2-1 calls and support with me to tackle any issues you may have on the month's content or pressing tech needs for £99 a month.

👉 If you decide you won't need additional support, and sign up for the Club Only package, you can pay for support when you need it at £99 per 45-minutes session.

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Professor Ike

Your Host

Who is Ike, your host?

Ike is a Safety Professional, and a Tech and Digital Transformation Consultant. She blends these skills to help her stand out as a safety professional and have an edge in the highly populated safety industry. 

She brings her wealth of skills and experience to this mastermind, to ensure safety professionals are versatile, dynamic and can be recognised as an all important part of every business just because they possess skills beyond the usual "safety". 

Here you are guaranteed to rock the safety profession with top digital skills.