...Safety meets Technology

Did you know that with technology at your disposal, you can now make greater impact and improve safety performance all round?

Hello! I’m Ike!

A safety professional, business owner, and technology strategist. 

Welcome to my blended world of SAFETY and TECHNOLOGY.

When I started my first business in 2013, I couldn't afford to pay for a website but I knew I needed one to add credibility and help me reach a wider audience. So I got learning and implementing as I went. In 3 weeks, I launched a beautiful and fully functional website. Since then, I have gone on to create other websites and learned to use various tools and technology to run my business.

Today, I’m focused on using technology to REVOLUTIONISE the way we do safety.

From planning to implementing, training and providing information and instructions, getting and analysing data, tracking and investigating accidents, and much more! With technology, we can change the way people see and do safety. We can make HUGE IMPACT, WORK FASTER & SMARTER, SAVE MONEY & TIME, and ENHANCE safety performance.

Are you in?

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